On this episode of Twitter v. Musk…

As we await the start of Twitter v. Elon Musk on October 17 (mark your calendars), the final pieces are falling into place for what’s sure to be the most dramatic tech trial possibly ever. 

What happened: Twitter shareholders voted in favour of Musk’s proposed US$44 billion deal—yes, the one he’s spent the last few months trying to ditch. With the offer accepted, Musk’s final fate rests in the hands of the judge deciding whether the deal goes through. 

  • The shareholder verdict wasn’t surprising, considering Musk agreed to buy the company for $54.20 a share. As of writing, Twitter’s share price is sitting at $41.74. 

Meanwhile, Peiter Zatko, Twitter’s former head of security turned whistleblower/ace in the hole for Musk’s lawsuit, testified before the US Senate about Twitter and national security. 

  • In addition to to previous complaints, Zatko added new accusations about Twitter’s security flaws and alleged staffers could take over powerful accounts.
  • At one point, Zatko was asked if he would buy Twitter if he had the money, to which he laughed and said, "I guess that depend[s] on the price." 

Zoom out: With the deal approved and Zatko firing shots, each side has their final piece placed on the chess board. We’re now set for the series finale, so get your popcorn ready.