Soon we’ll all be cyborgs

Source: Mojo Vision.

As the world becomes increasingly like a sci-fi novel, new devices are letting human bodies do things that once seemed impossible. 

Driving the news: From computer-brain interface (CBI) technology that links your thoughts to iMessage, to contact lenses that give you night vision, tech is supercharging our senses.

One example is the Synchron Switch, which can read brainwaves and allow users to control digital devices. It recently achieved a major milestone: Compatibility with Apple products.

  • Synchron is a direct competitor to Elon Musk's Neuralink, but unlike Musk’s products, it doesn’t require costly and difficult invasive brain surgery to get up and running. 

After you’ve finished sending memes through sheer brain power, you can head over to the grocer with your Mojo Vision contacts integrated with Amazon Alexa’s Shopping List feature.

  • Your list would appear in the lens. You could then add or remove items via voice command, navigate your shopping list, and check off items by moving your eyes.
  • Though this feature is still in test mode, it’s a sign that Amazon thinks smart contacts are part of the company’s future. Companies like Adidas and Motorola agree. 

Why it matters: This technology could make our lives way easier, not just by helping with errands, but by potentially improving our health and providing untapped biometric data.

Yes, but: There’s concerns aplenty as tech and flesh blur, like a divide between those who have enhancements and those who don’t or the ownership of brainwave data.