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Why Ontario is at the centre of a nuclear renaissance

After years of flatlined growth in nuclear power, there’s growing interest and investment around the world in building new nuclear reactors. And as it turns out, Ontario is at the centre of that nuclear renaissance. 

The Peak team recently had the chance to see firsthand what that means through a tour of Ontario Power Generation’s nuclear facility in Pickering. Afterward, we sat down with Riley Found, a Senior Manager for New Nuclear Growth at OPG, to talk about why Ontario is at the forefront of building new nuclear.

Alberta pauses on renewables

Wind and solar are the fastest-growing sources of electricity in the world. 

Too fast, if you ask Alberta. 

What happened: Alberta has paused all approvals for new wind and solar power projects larger than one megawatt for the next six months to close the gaps in current development policies, some of which don’t reflect the realities of a power grid fuelled by renewables.

Canadian innovators are leading the charge on new energy sources

Energy has been a specialty of ours for a long time, and some brilliant Canadian innovators are helping keep that tradition alive by ushering in the next generation of energy tech.

Driving the news: From nuclear fusion and small-modular reactors to wind power to geothermal, Canada is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to generating clean power.

What happens when no one wants oil?

A new report about the future of Canada’s energy sector begs the question: What are we going to sell in a world where nobody wants oil? 

Driving the news: For the first time, Canada’s national energy regulator looked into what would happen to Canadian oil and gas revenues if the world met its net-zero goals. While plenty of countries are still more than happy to buy Canada’s oil—for now, at least—the report shows the country’s oil production could plummet 76% below 2022 levels by 2050. 

Greeks and Albertans team up on solar power

New to the list of things Greece is famous for—after (of course) philosophy, souvlaki, and beaches—is solar power. In a new energy deal, Alberta hopes to learn a thing or two. 

Mytilineos, a top industrial and power company in Greece, is launching a $1.7 billion solar energy project in Alberta that it says will be the largest of its kind in Canada. It’s set to power over 200,000 homes and is the latest in a series of renewables contracts. 

Falling behind on critical minerals mining

How do you mine critical minerals in Canada? Very slowly, according to one of the largest miners in Ontario’s Ring of Fire. 

Canada’s effort to ramp up its critical mineral sector is falling behind, an Australian mining magnate has recently warned in a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  

Québec is the victim of its own hydro success

Like a university student with a full course load, Hydro-Québec has taken on too much and is running low on energy… literally.

Canada takes an LNG L

It’s been a minute since we’ve discussed Canada’s ambitions to become a leader in liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports. How are things going? Honestly, not great.

The first geothermal power plant is underway

Tired of hearing about wind, solar, and hydrogen energy? You’re in luck. There’s a hot new renewable energy source on the scene that is literally so hot.

Milestone reached for modular reactors

Someone call Homer Simpson because Canada could soon need a lot more nuclear engineers.