Is It Worth It

Can pre-prepared produce actually save you money?

In my home, we haven’t spoken about spiralized vegetables since the zucchini noodle blowout of 2021. My partner wanted to invest in a spiralizer—I (the lazier of the two) wanted to buy store-bought spirals. We just ate regular pasta that night. But to this day, I still think I was right—some pre-prepared vegetables are worth the premium. 

How much can you save with homemade detergent?

A growing group of people are looking to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from their cupboards, opting to make their own cleaning products with natural ingredients like vinegar and baking soda instead. 

Should I pay more to resole my boots than I paid to buy them?

Sheepskin, suede, nubuck, cowhide, chamois—no matter what leather your boots are made out of, chances are they feel like a second skin on your foot. But a worn in sole can do just the opposite, giving you clunky uneven strides and just making you look less cool. 

How much money do cloth diapers actually save?

New parents have a tough choice between the ease and convenience of disposable diapers or the environmentally friendly but time-consuming task of reusables. It's quite the conundrum since babies will go through over 3,000 diapers in their first year and about 1,800 the year after—that's almost 5,000 diapers by their second birthday!

Are backyard hens worth the money?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably considered getting some egg-laying hens after seeing the prices of eggs at the supermarket. Urban chickens have been a growing trend for some time, but is it really cheaper than just buying a dozen eggs in the long run?

Should you pay out of pocket for tooth trouble?

If you’re one of the millions of Canadians who don’t have a job with dental benefits, you’ve probably considered signing up for private dental insurance. But is a monthly premium the most cost-effective way to care for your teeth, or should you just pay out of pocket?

Does being a mystery shopper actually pay?

When I worked in retail I could spot a mystery shopper from a mile away—they stop at the automatic door a second longer than regular customers, look around wide-eyed as they enter and end up being chatterboxes as they cash out. 

Are Blue Light Glasses actually effective?

We stare at screens a lot. Even if you don’t spend your work day in front of one, you often spend hours looking at your phone, TV, computer or tablet daily. 

How cost-effective is making your own wine?

Did your favourite bottle of wine get more expensive? The global wine market saw an increase in production and distribution costs last year, which (of course) got passed on to the consumer. And in Canada, the 6.3% federal excise tax bumped those prices up higher. 

Does pet insurance really save you money in the long run?

Like most Canadian pet owners, I consider the price to keep my dog healthy and happy money well spent. But also, like most Canadians, I didn't have pet insurance. I never thought about it—until I had to spend more on my dog's dentistry than my own.