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Explain It Like I'm Five: CPUs and GPUs

A central processing unit (CPU) is a chip that acts like the brain of a computer, managing all of the tasks that keep a system going, from running programs to passing instructions to hardware. A CPU does this with a handful of “cores” — parts of the chip that quickly process data and handle instructions.

Independent web browsers are so trendy in Europe

It turns out the key to breaking Big Tech’s hold on the browser market is letting people know that other options exist.

What Google announced at Cloud Next

No better place than Las Vegas for Google to put a big bet on growing its cloud business.

Getting more cancer tests with faster scans

Prostate cancer is among the most common forms of the disease, with an estimated 25,900 new cases in Canada last year. It is highly treatable if caught early, but a diagnosis requires a three-stage MRI, with the last stage involving an injection of contrast dye to make the scan easier to read.

Digitizing an entire country

It’s important for you to digitally back up your photos and documents, a lesson some countries are putting into practice.

AI class is in session

Students who are sick of not being allowed to use AI to finish their work might want to transfer to a business school.

Explain It Like I'm Five: Made-for-advertising websites

Made-for-advertising (MFA) sites are crammed with as many ads as possible, drawing in visitors with spammy clickbait, fake news, and conspiracy content.

Quantum computers are getting better at their jobs

There’s been a big leap forward in making a potentially revolutionary technology less accident-prone.
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