Dating gets pricier

If it wasn’t bad enough that the cost of dating (read: rising restaurant prices) has skyrocketed, now the cost of landing a date is also on its way up.

AI wrote my homework

The days of take-home essays and tests may be over, as a new wave of generative artificial intelligence (AI) forces a rethink of traditional classroom learning.

Clearco’s unclear future

Life is a fickle thing. Just ask Michele Romanow. One day you’re the face of a Heineken advertising campaign. The next, you’re stepping down as the CEO of your company.

Feds pitch plan for quantum science

The federal government unveiled plans to spend $360 million on Canada’s quantum science sector to secure the country’s position as a leader in the space (and if everything goes to plan, render all your devices obsolete).

Why it matters: Canada has been a pioneer in the quantum computing space, but with rivers of money now flowing into the sector—$16.4 billion within the next four years, by one estimate—we risk losing our early lead. 

Shock your way to fitness

Almost 30% of Canadians say their New Year’s resolution is to improve their fitness. Now, more and more gyms are advocating for one weird trick that could help: Electrocution.

China cracks down on deepfakes

China will restrict “deepfakes” (realistic-looking but fake photos or videos generated by artificial intelligence technology) under new regulations coming into effect tomorrow. 

Why it matters: China’s regulations mark the first major effort in the world to tackle the growing problems associated with AI capable of generating realistic media.

The AI hype train goes full-steam ahead

As attention shifts away from the absolutely ancient fad of crypto, AI startups are now taking centre stage.

The world’s biggest consumer tech show

CES, the world’s biggest tech trade show, kicked off yesterday in sunny and sinful Las Vegas with tech companies big and small ready to show off new gizmos and gadgets.

Shopify’s New Year's resolution: Become an advertising powerhouse

Changes by Apple to limit how companies track iPhone users have created an opportunity for Shopify to turn its advertising business into a growth engine this year, president Harley Finkelstein told the Financial Times.

Why it matters: Shopify is doing the new year, new me thing (relatable, to be honest) after a painful 2022 that saw its share price fall 70%. E-commerce growth stalled as Covid lockdowns ended, and now the company needs to find another way to grow quickly. 

No more password sharing

The company that once tweeted “love is sharing a password” is now rolling out plans to target over 100 million people who watch the service using borrowed passwords. 

In 2019, Netflix researchers found password sharing—often between family or friends—was eating into the company’s subscriptions. As executives mulled over how to address the issue without upsetting customers (paying and non-paying), the pandemic hit, leading to eight million new subscribers in 2020 alone and kicking the password-sharing can down the road.