Christian Weedbrook on building a quantum computing company

Christian Weedbrook is the founder and CEO of Xanadu, a leading quantum computing company based in Toronto. He tells us how Canada is a great place to build a company and why he’s looking to raise $200 million to build a data centre. 

Dude, where’s my charge?

A plan for a continental electric vehicle charging network is bringing together big names like it’s a Team USA basketball roster. 

Universities and AI don’t have to be enemies

One of the world’s top tech analysts wants universities to see AI as more than just a cheating tool. But how do teachers feel about that?

Smartwatches keep getting smarter

It’s hard to believe watches used to only tell us the time; these days, they’re more like wearable personal trainers that happen to also know the time. 

Ticketmaster customers affected by massive breach

Alongside surprise fees and high costs on the resale market, add ‘having your data compromised’ to the list of reasons why buying concert tickets sucks these days.

Doctors get a hand from AI to diagnose patients

From blood tests to image analysis, AI is making it easier to diagnose diseases. 

What happened: Using AI to spot patterns across thousands of cancer cell images, researchers at the University of British Columbia have identified a high-risk form of endometrial cancer that would otherwise go unrecognized, according to Nature

Japan is all in on robot workers

West Japan Railway’s newest employee is 40 feet tall, has sad WALL-E-like eyes, and looks like the final boss in a video game about a dystopian machine uprising.

Canadian ideas aren't turning into patents

New AI industry research points to an issue across the technology sector: Canada has a lot of smart people but isn’t helping them sell their ideas.

Putting the social back in social media

Hitting 175 million users doesn’t mean Threads is sticking. Monthly active users is a tricky metric for a platform that is trying to host real-time conversations. What’s to say people aren’t getting lured in once a month by a suggested post on their IG feed?

The dark side of budgeting apps

Budgeting apps are a handy tool for managing your money, but it's crucial to safeguard your data.