Quinn Henderson

What to do this weekend


How to eat fried worms (and other insects)

Singapore is the latest country to put more bugs on the menu.

AI might not take your job, but AI experts could

AI really is taking away jobs, just not in the way you might think. 

Dude, where’s my charge?

A plan for a continental electric vehicle charging network is bringing together big names like it’s a Team USA basketball roster. 

Private equity is pouring money into insurance

Move over dental clinics and veterinary offices, insurance companies have become the true apple of private equity’s (PE) eye.

Open house

Ticketmaster customers affected by massive breach

Alongside surprise fees and high costs on the resale market, add ‘having your data compromised’ to the list of reasons why buying concert tickets sucks these days.

Walmart goes easy on the senses

Walmart has made itself more attractive to shoppers who hate bright fluorescents and buzzing PA systems.

The fight against a cashless society has begun

Will future generations know the unrivalled thrill of getting a crisp $50 bill from your grandma on your birthday? We’re not so sure.