Schools take their social media gripes to court

The fight to get kids to stop scrolling on TikTok has gone from the classroom to the court. 

What happened: Four of Canada’s largest school boards have filed $4.5 billion worth of lawsuits against the owners of Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook and Instagram, accusing them of deliberately harming students and interfering with their ability to learn. 

Spotify wants you to watch and learn

There could be a new category for your Spotify Wrapped this year: number of new skills and concepts mastered. 

What happened: Spotify has launched a pilot in the U.K. offering video learning courses to users, available both on mobile and on desktop. The classes fall into four wide-ranging buckets: “make music,” “learn business,” “healthy living,” and (vaguest of all) “get creative.”

Explain It Like I'm Five: Retail media

What is retail media?

It’s when retailers use their customers’ purchase data to target ads across the internet. If you buy peanut butter, your grocery store might start hitting you with peanut butter ads when you visit websites, social media platforms, and even while watching TV.

The GPT Store isn’t doing AI any favours

An app store that was meant to get more developers and users interested in AI might be doing just the opposite.

Apple slapped with antitrust case

Apple just got thrown into a real-life game of Monopoly that it probably wants absolutely no part of. 

What happened: The U.S. Justice Department and 16 jurisdictions filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple that alleges the tech giant uses its dominance in the smartphone market to deter and prevent iPhone users from accessing rival software, services, and devices. 

Why the Kate Middleton conspiracies are so troubling

We tried to avoid this, we really did. But it’s gotten to the point that it can’t be ignored.

It’s time to talk about Kate Middleton.  

Driving the news: A recently published video showing Kate Middleton (or Catherine, Princess of Wales, if you’re fancy) and Prince William shopping has done little to dissuade conspiracy theorists that she is dead, ill, or otherwise indisposed and replaced by a double.

Nvidia has more to show off than faster chips

Why putting AI on your phone is a big deal

The next phase of the AI boom may not be about what it can do, but where it runs.

Apple is looking to Google for an AI teammate

Apple is all-in on bringing generative AI capabilities to its devices. To do this, it’s angling to get a little help from its friends (read: a lot of help from one of its staunchest competitors).  

What happened: Apple is reportedly in talks with its best frenemy Google to have the search behemoth’s Gemini AI engine built into the iPhone to power upcoming AI features.

The EU leads the charge to rein in AI

While some of us are still not entirely sure what a large language model is, EU lawmakers have gone ahead and passed the world’s first comprehensive AI regulation act.

Catch-up: The Artificial Intelligence Act — we love legislation with to-the-point titles — has been contentious, but it should be finalized in May, with implementation beginning next year. It stands to set the tone for global AI regulation and influence Big Tech developments.